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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Tricks & Treats


The last two years we NJ residents were kind of robbed of Halloween (thanks, freaky snowstorm in 2011 & Hurricane Sandy in 2012), so I sort of fell out of the habit of celebrating it.  That means this year I'm a total lamer (technical term for one who does not partake in the Halloween festivities).  Really.  I didn't even buy candy.  Instead we'll be chilling at our friends' house.  Luckily they're not complete grinches, so they have about 25 pounds of the sweet stuff ready to go.  I have no shame in generously handing it out and taking credit for it.   But if I was a little bit cooler, I'd totally make some of these awesome ideas happen:

These tricky treats are delightfully creepy.
I'm not so sure I could force myself to eat this cake.
Could you stomach this recipe?

It's as if a monster mysteriously melted in your cocoa.
Who wouldn't want to drink a blood clot...
...or even better, a brain hemorrhage?
Kind of horrifying

...And be Scary
 For a G rated Halloween: drippy nails
This clever makeup should sufficiently freak out anyone unfortunate enough to glance in your direction
You will haunt dreams in this.

Happy Halloween!




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