bitty.and.bunny: October 2013

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Tricks & Treats


The last two years we NJ residents were kind of robbed of Halloween (thanks, freaky snowstorm in 2011 & Hurricane Sandy in 2012), so I sort of fell out of the habit of celebrating it.  That means this year I'm a total lamer (technical term for one who does not partake in the Halloween festivities).  Really.  I didn't even buy candy.  Instead we'll be chilling at our friends' house.  Luckily they're not complete grinches, so they have about 25 pounds of the sweet stuff ready to go.  I have no shame in generously handing it out and taking credit for it.   But if I was a little bit cooler, I'd totally make some of these awesome ideas happen:

These tricky treats are delightfully creepy.
I'm not so sure I could force myself to eat this cake.
Could you stomach this recipe?

It's as if a monster mysteriously melted in your cocoa.
Who wouldn't want to drink a blood clot...
...or even better, a brain hemorrhage?
Kind of horrifying

...And be Scary
 For a G rated Halloween: drippy nails
This clever makeup should sufficiently freak out anyone unfortunate enough to glance in your direction
You will haunt dreams in this.

Happy Halloween!




Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Bring It On

{target dress | similar scarf | boots | socks | (old) roxy watch  | custom ring via local artisan (so similar)}

I think I probably fall into the .00001% of women who have never owned (or even tried on) a shirt dress.  That is, until this one.  I honestly don't know what I was waiting for.  I see limitless remixing possibilities: colored tights, booties, heels, flats, sneakers, topped with a sweater or jacket, layered under a cardigan, worn over a tee, paired with a vest, or mixed with a multitude of different scarves.  Bring on the cool weather.  My shirt dress and I are ready to face it.

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Fresh Coat

{similar tank (on sale!) | similar cardi | ON jeans | lookalike shoes}

Coated denim skinny jeans seem to be making their way around the blogosphere lately, and with good reason - they're versatile, easy to style, and just kind of look cool.  But quite possibly my favorite part about them is that they give you that edgy, rock star intrigue, like Axl Rose circa 1988, when in reality you're just wearing a pair of jeans.  And that is exactly the kind of bad assery I can get down with.

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sir Mixalot

{similar dress | similar jacket | ON vest | similar boots | fossil watch | asos bracelet}

I am so glad that the mixed media jacket has made a comeback.  I was all over it the first time around in the early '90s (with staggeringly unfashionable results), but unlike bike shorts and slap bracelets, I'm still into the trend today.  After snagging this sweet vegan leather jacket at TJ Maxx (I wish you could feel it; it's like buttah), I decided that with a little help she could easily masquerade as the beloved jacket of yore.  And since I had already done this with a denim jacket, I threw the same vest over this one and called it good.  As you can clearly see, my imagination knows no bounds.

How do you feel about this trend?  Should it stay in 1992 with crimped hair and wigwam socks or are you as excited about its return as you were that time your mom finally caved and got you those totally awesome Z. Cavariccis?

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Monday, October 14, 2013

The New Normal

{f21 blouse (option) & shorts | ON hat (similar), boots (similar), & tote (old) | boyfriend's belt}

Just an easy outfit for a leisurely walk to the library with an obligatory smart phone shot in front of a brick wall tagged by tweens using sidewalk chalk.  This is my normal.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Dress For All Seasons

{target dress | f21 jacket | ON hat & (old)boots (so similar) | dogeared necklace | fossil watch}

This dress.  I've been sort of obsessed with it.  I just find it so versatile - it's perfect on a warm day because it's sleeveless.  It's perfect on a cool day because it looks cute with a jacket or cardigan thrown over it.  And it almost, almost, makes me impatient for a cold day so I can stick some tights under there, pop on a cozy sweater and an infinity scarf, and wait for summer to roll back around.

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Friday, October 4, 2013

Monochrome Mullet

{ON sweater (similar) & shorts | payless shoes (total lookalike) | dogeared necklace | kohls sunnies (similar) | gifted lucky brand rings}

This outfit is like a backwards mullet: long up top and short on the bottom.  Incidentally, it's also a bit like an aging mullet: grey roots ombre-ing gracefully into white.  And yeah, I just used the words graceful and mullet in the same sentence.  Who am I?

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