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Monday, October 6, 2014

How To: Style a Striped Dress 6 Ways

In honor of the changing seasons (hot-cold-hot again), and because it's Monday and I'm lazy, I'm recycling what is probably my favorite of the guest posts I've done.  In case you missed it when it was up on Rachel the Hat, here are 6 creative ways to wear the same dress over and over (no matter the season).

Quick side note: Be sure to stop by Jeans and a Teacup today, where Jessica's featuring me on her Tour Through Blogland.  (Stay tuned for my tour coming next week).

1. add a tee shirt under:
Wear a thin tee under the dress.  This not only provides a little more coverage, but it adds some visual interest as well.  In this case, the simple, graphic print of the dress really compliments the pop of turquoise provided by the shirt.

2. add a tee shirt over:
Knot a tee over your dress for a casual look that allows you to easily add any color you like just by changing the shirt. 

3. "tuck" a tee shirt in:
Belt a tee shirt over the dress to create the illusion of wearing a separate top and skirt.  Not sure how?  Here's a goof-proof tip: knot the shirt in the back or front, tuck the knot under, then belt it. 

4. add a cardigan:
For a relaxed look, wear an open cardi over the dress, and cinch it in with a belt to add shape.

5. add a vest:
For those extra warm days when you just can't fathom anything covering your arms, throw a vest over your dress to keep it interesting.

6. add lots of layers:
When the temperatures begin to drop, pile on the layers for a cozy look.  Here I belted a chambray button up and threw on a chunky cardi over it.  A scarf and boots complete the outfit and keep me feeling warm & fuzzy all day long.

I hope this inspires you to remix your favorite pieces in new and creative ways!

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