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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Hills Are Alive...

{tee: forever21  //  tank: target  //  hoodie: kohl's  //  jeans: the limited  //  hiking shoes: salomon  //  scarf: h&m  //  camera bag: walmart}

I just couldn't resist a Sound of Music reference.  I mean, it's the Swiss Alps.  It was all I could do not to put my hair in Heidi braids and go twirling joyfully through the mountains, Julie Andrews style.
Today's outfit was way more functional than fashionable, since we spent several hours hiking (mostly uphill).  But it was cute, comfy, and even the cows seemed to enjoy it.  (Yes, the mountains are virtually littered with free roaming cows).  One was so enthralled with me that she followed until I stopped to pet her for a bit.  True story.

I've included some extra photos below simply for your viewing pleasure.  Because Switzerland is just so. dang. gorgeous.  And the cows are happy too.  Look - I took pictures of some just for proof.  See?  That's pure joy right there.

{a blissfully happy cow}

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