bitty.and.bunny: Flurries & Fair Isle

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Flurries & Fair Isle

{sweater: old navy  //  shorts: f21  //  leggings, boots: delias}

If you noticed all those little white flakes in my hair, don't be alarmed.   I assure you they are snowflakes.  I know I've been shoving Jersey's awesome winter weather in your faces lately, but I suppose winter wanted to send a little reminder that it could still make my life miserable if it wanted to.
{It was a pathetic attempt - the snow stopped after about 20 minutes.  Nice try, mother nature.}

In other news, I may have uncovered the secret to wearing shorts when it's snowing: super soft, cuddly-warm, Nordic* style, fair isle leggings.

*Leggings may or may not be Nordic style.  I just like frivolously tossing around cultural terms without actually researching the geographical regions from which they may possibly have originated.

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