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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Shoes & Sock(bun)s

{sweater: gap  //  skirt: delias  //  tights, cowl (diy from scarf): old navy  //  shoes: payless}

After wearing heels all day, there's nothing better than coming home, kicking them off, and putting on some plush slippers.  Especially if you were me, wearing these heels all day yesterday.  It seems that no matter what I do - add cushy inserts, loosen the laces, take tiny steps, walk lightly on my feet - these shoes just HURT.
Do you have any shoes like that?  Or could I possibly be the only girl in the world who's feet can't handle a pair of oxford shooties?

Also, I have stumbled upon the formula for a successful sock bun (for fine hair).  The secret?  Spend 20 minutes painstakingly trying to curl your hair into big, soft romantic waves like this, only to have it look too flat on top, and too poufy on the bottom.  Ignore it while you get dressed and apply makeup.  Glance in the mirror and be reminded of how awkward your hair looks.  Attempt to salvage your hard work by re-curling some pieces.  Get frustrated and pull the whole thing into a high ponytail and on a whim decide to attempt the sock bun.  Fail the first few times.  Tell yourself you'll try one last time and suddenly...
You now have a successful sock bun.
This has happened exactly two times.  I'm convinced it's the only way to get it right.
(True story.)

Anyway, happy Leap Day!

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