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Friday, March 2, 2012

Adventures of the Brave & Fearless

{blazer: target  //  tee: old navy  //  jeans: limited  //  boots, belt: steve madden  //  scarf: delias  //  watch: sprout  //  hex nut bracelet: diy  //  pyramid bangle: f21}
If I were to film a horror movie, this would be the setting for it - hands down.
For over a year I'd been working up the courage to check out this abandoned house in my town, which oddly enough is set next to another equally eerie abandoned house.
So yesterday I thought to myself "What a perfect day to explore the grounds of what is surely the hideout of a pshyco-maniac who would like nothing better than to make a suit out of my skin.  Oh, it's cold, grey, and rainy.  Even better!"
This place was scary, even in broad daylight.  I don't think I'll ever have the nerve to go inside the house itself, but hunny bunny & I walked around the backyard and saw this dilapidated shed.
And then I looked inside.
i have to admit, i was not expecting creepy headless children to be in there
And on that note, enjoy your weekend!

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