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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Highlights & Lowlights #2

{dress: target  //  jacket: i heart ronson, via jcp  //  vintage necklace: gramma's  //  tights: old navy  //  shoes, headband: payless}

  • Spending all day Sunday with a hangover that I couldn't shake until Monday evening.  It lasted over 24 hours.  My deepest apologies to my liver. 
  • Forgetting to bring extra tissues when I went to see Hunger Games last night.  I had only one left in my purse.  It wasn't easy making it last the whole movie.
  • Practically bursting out crying when the games started in the movie and children began getting mauled.  I wasn't just tearing up; I was muffling huge, loud sobs.
  • Not knowing what Willam did to get kicked off of RuPaul's Drag Race.  Come on, Ru, really?!
  • My birthday is coming up.  I'm getting old.

  • Watching Hunger Games in the theater last night.  It was as wonderful as I expected it to be, despite the (one) tear soaked tissue, smudged makeup, and the emotional out pour that left me feeling melancholy even after the movie was over.
  • Getting to hang out with some wonderful, fun friends that hunny bunny & I haven't seen in months.  Unfortunately, this was the cause of lowlight #1, but they were totally worth it.
  • Spending a truly lovely evening at a local Italian restaurant with my boyfriend.  The atmosphere was very relaxed and we were never rushed.  We had engaging conversation and lingered over mushroom pizza, eggplant, roasted red pepper, & mozarella pannini, frothy cappuccino, and creamy canolis.  We stayed over 2 hours without even realizing it.
  • My legs being just a little too sore from my workout yesterday to go for the jog in the woods I was planning today.  Total highlight because it just started storming outside and I am still nice and cozy and dry inside.  Thank you for the minuscule muscle tears which needed that extra day to recover, Tony Horton!
  • Seeing a fuzzy kitty and a wild turkey chilling in my backyard.  Not quite hanging out together, but in very close proximity.  I'll take it.
  • My birthday is coming up.  I get to have a party!

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