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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Highlights & Lowlights

{skirt: diy from thrifted skirt  //  tee, similar boots: old navy  //  belt: jcp}

Some Highlights & Lowlights of my week:

  • Getting a total of 20 mosquito bites over the span of 2 days.  Those days were still technically winter.  Winter, people!
  • A very long, very full commuter train passing by as we were having this photo shoot.  "Oh, hello everyone.  Why yes, I'm having my boyfriend take pictures of me in the alley behind a grocery store, surrounded by bins of super stinky trash.  And how are you?"
  • Living in a town where mosquitoes outnumber humans by about 50,000:1.  
  • Getting the notice that I have to go to the DMV to renew my license next month.  What?!  Didn't I just do that like 4 years ago

  • Hunny Bunny will be picking up advance tickets for Hunger Games today.  We'll get to see it next Tuesday and I. am. so. excited.
  • Having a picnic in the backyard for dinner last night.  Hello, spring!  Welcome back :)
  • Finding brie at the farmer's market for unbelievably low prices.  I seriously don't know how they're even making a profit. 
  • Then, having grapes and brie cheese on delicious bread topped with honey and toasted walnuts for dinner not once, but twice in the past week.  Unhealthy, perhaps, but downright delicious.
  • Washing, waxing, dusting, and vacuuming my car over the weekend.  It was a great workout and now she looks all shiny, clean, and pretty.
  • DIY'ing this skirt into a mullet.  It's so much cuter now than how it started out.

What were some of your highlights & lowlights?

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