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Friday, March 23, 2012

Curiouser and Curiouser

{sweater: gap, thrifted  //  shorts  //  boots (similar), bracelets: delias  //  vintage kercheif: gramma's  //  watch: swatch (old)}

There are some days when writing comes naturally to me; the words practically flowing out before I've even had a chance to give them much thought.  Sometimes I even wake up in the morning knowing exactly what to write about, the sentences having formed themselves quite perfectly in my sleep.

And then there are other days when writer's block gets nice & cozy in my brain, effectively eradicating all creativity, and leaving me staring at a blank screen waiting for an idea to materialize.
But it rarely does.
When I have writer's block, I find that the only thing I am able to write about is the fact that I have writer's block.
So, in a way, could writer's block actually inspire me to write?
Why, what an oxymoronic paradox we have here....

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