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Monday, December 2, 2013

I'm Thankful for...Tara

Taking over today is my buddy, and fellow New Jerseyan, Tara from Penniless Socialite.  I have had the pleasure of meeting her in real life and she is just as sweet and wickedly funny in person as she is online.  Every time I visit her blog I leave laughing (seriously, wait until you read what she wrote below).  Fantastic style and a killer sense of humor.  If I was a dude I'd be in love.

Hello Bitty and Bunny fans! I'm Tara and I blog over at Penniless Socialite.  I was super happy when Kym asked me to fill in for her while she's away on a holiday!  However, I was not so excited about the or fashion on Thanksgiving.  You see, I have a terrible secret.  I am a terrible toast burning bad.  And there is a part 2 of my secret, holidays are the only days of my life that are not a fashion show.  On holidays like Thanksgiving, I wear (hope you're sitting down for this) SWEATPANTS.  So I figured Kym's readers didn't want to see me in my cut off sweatpants / shorts (yep, worse than you first thought) or see pictures of pre-made pies I purchase.  Instead, I am showing you a few of my favorite holiday looks (that I have worn on non-holidays).  Consider this my list of things I'd wear if I wore real clothes on holidays.

holiday dresses 2
1. Cats on a dress always make it more fabulous, especially when they're cats from Anthropologie.  If you've ever seen my Instagram, you should assume that cats belong at every holiday. 
2. My Dulcie Dress from Anthropologie is one of my favorite party frocks.  I've worn it to countless weddings and it would look great at the Thanksgiving table.
3. Red is always a great color during a holiday celebration...and patterned tights just make it that much more celebratory.
Holiday Dresses 1
4. Whoever told you black and brown don't go together is a liar.  This Target dress has made appearances at multiple parties during the winter months.  
5. Lace and frills always have a seat at my holiday table.
6. Sparkle makes every holiday better.  Too bad this dress doesn't even belong to me.  I rented it for a wedding from Rent the Runway.

So, I hope you stop by my blog every other day of the year (except holidays) to see some fabulous outfit posts!

p.s. - Don't forget to enter the Our World Boutique giveaway ending tonight!!

Please note that this is a scheduled post, so if I don't respond to comments, it just means I'm probably enjoying life outside of the internet.  Whatever that's like.

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