bitty.and.bunny: I Just Flew In (boy are my arms tired)

Thursday, April 10, 2014

I Just Flew In (boy are my arms tired)

baseball tee: exact
jeans: AE | similar 12
jacket: i heart ronson | so similar
necklace: c/o born pretty
scarf: c/o born pretty
shoes: exact


To wrap up my little round of travel-themed posts, here's the outfit I wore for my return flight home from Florida (sad face).  For the first time in probably my entire adult life, I had e.x.t.r.a. space in my luggage!  Which means that I didn't have to wear my biggest shoes or bulkiest items on the plane in order to save room. Score one for finally, finally getting the hang of this "smart packing" thing.

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  1. Cute scarf, and those shoes sure do add some pop to the outfit. What went on in FL? When I pack now I can't afford to pack extra outfits due to sharing the bag with my hubby. With kids it requires more bags packed in a minivan. I don't even want to know how packing clothes and kids to fly would be lol.

  2. Very sharp. Love the scarf, and combined with the red shoes, the green tied in really pulls it together nicely.


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