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Thursday, August 7, 2014

I Love the 80's

It's undeniable.  I am a child of the 80's.  And I know this because I see 80's fashions coming back into style, and while most people scoff, I love it!  (On a side note, there are some decidedly 90s styles coming back, too: overalls!  flannel! And - wait for it - scrunchies!  But that's a whole glorious topic for another post).

Lately I'm seeing 80's influences all around, even in fancy schmancy homecoming & prom dresses!  And I honestly can't get enough.  I was browsing the dress selection at, and came across this 80's-inspired, fluffy confection of a dress.  With a train!  And just like that, I'm humming Like A Virgin and looking up videos of Michael Jackson doing the moonwalk.  I may be well out of high school and college, but don't think I'm not wracking my brain trying to think of an appropriate place to wear this.  The best I can come up with is 80's night at a club.  But let's be honest - 80's fashions > 80's music, so I probably won't be hitting up 80's night anytime soon.  It all seems so unfair - in the 80's I was too young to wear any of these styles, and now that they're back in fashion I'm too old.  Sometimes irony sucks.

Which reminds me - anyone need a prom date by any chance?  It'll be really fun!  I'll show you and your friends how to do the MC Hammer dance.  And then I'll explain who MC Hammer is....  

For more adorable prom and homecoming dresses (like these), check out!

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