bitty.and.bunny: The One Where I Catch a Cold and Fall Off the Face of the Planet

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The One Where I Catch a Cold and Fall Off the Face of the Planet

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shorts: AE | cute option
boots: overstock | similar
watch: exact
bracelets: groopdealz & DIY | similar & diy


Please pardon my utter lack of posts this last little while.  An especially nasty cold took me out of commission for over a week.  Basically all I could do for days was lie on the couch and watch TV.  And even that was pushing it.  I still have it, but I'm finally beyond the stage where forming coherent thoughts isn't a chore.  And even though I've lost my voice, I am happy to report that I can still speak as much as I like as long as I type it onto a screen (or whisper to people, which isn't awkward at all).

This little number was my outfit of choice for a date with a friend at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC two weeks ago.  I knew we'd be doing a lot of walking, so I tested these shoes out to ensure they'd be nice and comfy while strolling for miles around the museum and city.  They passed the comfort test at home, only to completely and thoroughly disappoint me once out in the field.  Luckily my friend was patient each and every time I made a pit stop to add a band aid to a sore spot, or to complain about the woes of being a woman  who cares about trivial things like cute shoes, all while looking longingly at his size twelves and wishing - just for a fleeting moment - that my feet were big enough to borrow his sneakers.

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