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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Weather Woes

chambray: target | current version 1, 2
fleece tights: gift | similar
boots: exact | crazy similar
necklace: exact | 14k gold version
watch: exact
scarf: (old) h&m | similar 

You can't see it under my chambray, but I assure you there's a cute dress under there.With faux-leather sleeves and everything....ok, just faux-leather sleeves, but still. It's a shame the weather is still like this, otherwise I wouldn't have had to cover it up with a thin denim shirt for warmth (which you can clearly see by the rosy red glow of my nose, is doing quite the bang-up job.) Thankfully fleece-lined tights are a thing, because while my entire upper body was freezing taking these pictures, I can't say that my legs did much complaining. Not nearly as much as my face did. And in this winter that doesn't want to end, a couple warm extremities are something to be grateful for.

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