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Monday, December 3, 2012

Baby I'm Back

{ON dress, c/o | kimchi blue coat (crazy similar) | UO necklace | diy scarf (similar) | payless headband & tights | Steve Madden boots | Gramma's vintage brooches}

Hi everyone!  Please forgive my extended absence.  I just spent the last two weeks at my sister's completely awesome, yet internet-lacking apartment in Florida.  I had planned on posting to the blog while down there, but it seems I didn't posses the foresight to inquire about whether her place was internet-equipped or not.  (It was not).  But the good news is that we got to spend lots of quality time together; shopping, doing hair, cooking Thanksgiving dinner, catching up, and sharing lots of laughs & pumpkin-infused cocktails.  Extra bonus - my mom & brother also live down there, so I got to visit with them a bunch, too.  It was fantastic getting to see my family while relaxing in the warm, sunny Florida weather.

Just when I was getting used to the idea of Christmas lights on palm trees, I returned home to a blast of cold, grey weather that I was definitely not prepared for - either physically or mentally.  At least I had this new and adorably flattering, but more importantly, free Old Navy winter dress to wear*.  Getting to don a pretty, long sleeved dress with colored tights always helps to make the acceptance of winter just a little bit smoother in my book.

In other news, the supremely sweet and friendly Irene of Love Simple Green did a Q&A with me recently.  If you've been lying awake at night wondering what my favorite quote is, or how I'm working toward my dreams, check out the post and wonder no more.

*If you'd like to be able to snag free stuff, too, click here to sign up.

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