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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Finding Nemo

{target jacket & leggings | alloy sweater (similar) | h&m scarf (similar) | kamik boots | f21 ring | diy turban}

This weekend we were hit with Snowstorm Nemo (snow storms are getting names now? after Disney characters?  That's a thing?).  Anyway, the snow that got dumped on us only left my boyfriend and me trapped inside on Saturday, where we took turns suggesting things to do, like cooking lasagna cupcakes (my idea), drinking beer (his idea), putting on minty facial masks (my idea), and watching Total Recall (his idea).  Luckily by Sunday it was warm enough to emerge from the apartment to head straight to Target to snap up some Prabal Gurung pieces (more on those soon). 

Yeah, my outfit is pretty basic, and in fact I just realized I've already worn it.  But some days just lend themselves to oversized sweaters, leggings, a 1920s-esque turban, and kicking snow at your boyfriend until he gently reminds you that it is your own beloved camera that you're showering in rapidly melting flakes.

I'm joining the party.


  1. Holy snow!! Looks familiar, although we haven't had a Disney named snowstorm yet so you win! Haha. I love the kicking snow pic! And this looks so comfy but put-together. I love that you used your accessories to add color. Those boots and scarf are so fun :)

  2. Wow! That is a lot of snow! Yikes. Love that last picture and of course your cute and cozy outfit.


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