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Friday, March 15, 2013

Kiss Google Reader Goodbye {+ a Giveaway}

In case you haven't heard yet, Google Reader announced that it will be shutting down on July 1st.  If you've been following along that way, may I suggest Bloglovin' as an alternative.  It's really user-friendly and is an easy way to organize all of the blogs you like to read.  I've been using it for close to two years now, and even someone as computer-illiterate as me has been able to navigate it with ease.

If you need some help with the transition, check out this wonderfully detailed tutorial that Taylor of Pink Heels Pink Truck wrote about how to transfer your Google Reader to Bloglovin'.

To help soften the blow, Kendra of Adventures of Brad & Kendra is having a flash giveaway that's running from now until 11:59pm EST Monday night.  You can win a chevron scarf in the color of your choice just for following me, her, or any of her other sponsors on bloglovin'.
(How's that for incentive?)

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