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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Beauty Bit: Pretty Pedis

This post brought to you by Tree Hut. All opinions are 100% mine.

It's already Memorial Day Weekend, aka the unofficial beginning of summer (yay!  happy dance!), which means a plethora of things.  Warmer days, backyard bbq's, trips to the beach, maxi dresses & sandals, vacation...the list goes on.  But it also means that most likely, at some point or another, your feet are going to be on display for all to see. (gasp! shock! horror!) 
What better time, then, for Tree Hut to contact me about introducing their line of hand & foot care products?  They're affordable, they're accessible (pick them up at any Walmart), they're organic, paraben-free, and not tested on animals!
 photo treehutfoot-GoogleSearch_zpsdd84afd4.jpg
As a runner (and I use that term loosely because truth be told, I'm really more of a reluctant participant who gets suckered into going for jogs due to the charms & persuasion of her over-zealous-marathon-running-boyfriend), my feet take a beating.  If you exercise, especially if you run or jog, you know what I mean.  Callouses form in weird places, and while I appreciate their attempt to protect my feet, they're not all that cute.  I'd rather them be gone.
Luckily, getting rid of them only takes 3 easy & enjoyable steps:
1. Soak your feet in a warm foot bath and apply something nice & gritty, like Tree Hut foot scrub
2. Rinse off and gently rub callouses with a pumice stone
3. Dry those tootsies, and apply a thick, refreshing, moisturizing cream like Tree Hut foot cream with peppermint oil
It's as simple as that!  Three steps to smooth, nourished, pampered feet!  Now go show those beauties off.

And for a little inspiration, here are some of my picks to enjoy summer naturally & beautifully.

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