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Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Wall.

{ON vest (similar) & tee | target jeans | payless shoes (cute option) | asos necklace | gifted bracelets}

I think this wall may just be my favorite wall ever.  I love that it's made of brick, and that the paint covering it is so old and weathered that it's peeling away in huge, lovely chunks, giving way to small peeks of the original beauty hidden beneath.  The wall has taken on an aged patina, revealing colors that only the passing of time can create: the red-brown of the crumbling bricks flecked with moss and weeds as it's slowly reclaimed by nature, the faint seafoam green a hint of a paint job long forgotten, the peachy off-white that's been neglected so long it's barely still capable of maintaining contact with the structure; even the runny, ruddy rust stains add a modicum of beauty to this debilitated delight.

...and that's what being a blogger will do to you.  You think things are going pretty well and then one day you realize that you've written an entire post about a wall.

Let's party.

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  1. I think this is my new favorite outfit of yours.


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