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Monday, June 3, 2013

One of My Brighter Moments

{sears dress (cute option) | whoop tee shirt | qupid sandals (similar) | gifted necklace (similar) | c/o oasap ring}

These 90 degree days we've been having over the past week are really making it feel like summer.  However, this is precisely what not to wear on those kinds of days.  The dress was way too long, blocking the nonexistent breezes I kept hoping for, and trapping the heat in.  The tee shirt, while wonderful at reflecting light, also had a blanket-like effect and turned my own body against me by preventing its heat from escaping. 

Before you go thinking I'm a complete dummy for wearing this on such a hot day, I had worn this outfit a week ago when it was cooler, and I only put it on again to get some photos.  However, choosing to photograph this outfit on a hot, humid, sunny day, walking in the heat to this location, and standing around sweating in places I didn't even know could sweat for 15 minutes, was apparently totally within my realm of good decisions.  So, scratch that first sentence.  It may not have been my brightest moment.

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