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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Knowledge, Yo.

vest: ON | similar 1, 2
sweater: (old) target | similar
jeans: UO | similar
boots: exact
necklace: c/o Sheinside| similar 1, 2
hat: c/o Our World Boutique


The weather.  Drinking a daily green smoothie.  My dramatically lower cholesterol levels, most likely a direct result of said daily green smoothie.

These are all topics I jotted down in an attempt to brainstorm something to write about, then immediately rejected on the grounds that they are all fairly boring to discuss.  And still, for lack of a better idea, they remain on the screen.  Since this post is quickly becoming a conglomeration of random thoughts, I'll throw this out there, too.  Today my boyfriend was supremely impressed when I knew that the German name Wilhelm translates to Guillaume in French.  Since he speaks both languages fluently, and my French is approximately at the level of a 4 year old, while my German is limited to about five words, I'm always pretty surprised when I know something he doesn't.  Like when I bought these jeans two years ago - he thought they were a terrible idea, but I knew better.  I knew red skinnies would remain a thing for a while, and look who was right about that, too.

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