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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Little Red Riding Vest

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vest: c/o joules
sweater: thrifted gap | so similar
jeans: exact (and on sale!)
boots: exact
scarf: (old) h&m | option
rings: c/o born pretty | option
earrings: c/o sahara jewely | similar


Winter.  It seems to be the bane of my existence lately.  It just won't go away.  As much as I'd love to be able to change it, I can't.  So I'll do the next best thing - dress appropriately for it.  I've never really been one for functional vests before; I always assumed that they would only keep my chest warm and leave my arms literally out in the cold.  I don't have particularly warm arms during winter (and let's not even get started on my icy cold hands), so I never saw the point in wearing one, unless it was simply for looks.

But recently the kind people at Joules offered to send me one of their vests for review.  As soon as I saw this adorable red one, I had visions of Marty Mcfly dancing in my head, and I couldn't resist.*  There are lots of other colors and styles, too.  Click to see more womens' vests from Joules.

First of all, this is the packaging.  I mean, is this not the prettiest envelope ever?

But most important - this thing works!  I wore it out in 23° weather - without a coat! - and this baby kept me downright cozy.  I left the coat behind because I knew I'd only be walking from my apartment to the car, and from the car to other assorted temperature-controlled establishments, but for those short 5 minute bursts it really did the trick. Amazingly, my arms never got cold!  Later on I went for a walk after the sun had set, so this time I added my coat, and I felt comfortably warm the entire time!  Arms included!

This is my first piece from Joules, and I have to say that I am extremely impressed with the quality - it's well constructed, the colors are vibrant, the zippers, snaps, & other details feel solid, and it's cozy!  Plus, the hood is removable.  A cute piece that does what it says, is festooned with stripes, and has serious Back to the Future vibes.  I think I'm in love (though it could be my childhood crush on Michael J. Fox talking).

*Stay tuned; I will most definitely be having a Marty moment in the near future.  Great Scott.

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