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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Walk of Shame

{sweater (on sale for $6!) | DIY vest | jeans | similar booties | hat, c/o Our World Boutique | necklace, c/o Onecklace}

Fun fact about this outfit - it was only half planned.  I spent the night at a friend's house and completely neglected to bring an alternate pair of shoes. After wearing these booties with tights and a dress the previous night, I was greeted the next morning with the realization that this was the only proper footwear I had with me. Feeling slightly embarrassed for the oversight, not to mention a bit ridiculous wearing them with this otherwise casual outfit, I literally did a walk of shame.

Lesson learned.  There is now a new addition to the ever-present clutter in my car: an emergency pair of sneakers.  Hopefully next time this happens I won't have taken the bus.

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