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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Back In Time

jacket: (old) i ♥ ronson | really similar
tee: giveaway win from Tara
cardi: ON | similar
jeans: exact
booties: c/o chicwish | lookalike!
ring: street artist | similar
hat: so similar

I'm pretty sure every year around this time I start complaining about how the cold weather and end of daylight savings make taking good outfit photos just that much harder.  So this year I'll spare you the spiel, and just say that I didn't take any outfit photos this week or last.  But I found these ones from back in April that I never posted for some reason, and figured that what I wore when it was chilly then looks kind of like something I'd wear for when it's chilly now.  And my guess is that if I didn't tell you these were from over half a year ago, you probably wouldn't have guessed it, anyway. I'm tricky like that.

p.s. - partying here today

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  1. You're right, I would have never guessed!! I personally love stumbling upon pictures I haven't used yet, it's like lost treasure, haha. I love the outfit too, very cute.



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