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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Give Thanks

Because this is obviously the day we honor our sexy pilgrim ancestors who fled from Native Americans in their stockings and high heels.

Per tradition, I'm making my annual "pilgrimage" to Florida to spend the next few days basking in the sun and generally trying to forget that I live in a cold climate.

In the interest of brevity (and so I don't sound like a broken record year after year), I will refer you to this post and this post, which really do a nice job summing up some of the more important aspects of life I'm thankful for.  But I'd be remiss to let a Thanksgiving pass by without mentioning a few new ones (or at least some of the same ones that bear repeating).  I am indescribably grateful for my family and friends, all of you wonderful readers out there, 21 Jump Street - the movie not the show, and this awesome veggie meatloaf recipe, which by the way, is a damn delicious alternative to turkey.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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