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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!
Although it's a bit cliche, I still like to take the time each year to list some of the things in my life that I'm just so absolutely grateful for.  It's crazy to think how many advantages we have that so many people take for granted.  Being born in and of itself is like winning the lottery; the rest is just gravy.

*first and foremost I'm thankful for my body - the fact that I am fortunate enough to have one that is healthy and strong and allows me to love, laugh, hug, run, bake, create, think, talk, live, write, knit, dance, and kiss

*all of my family and friends, who support me, make me laugh, and love me just the way I am

*the opportunities I've had to travel to other countries and experience different cultures

*my boyfriend for being my best friend and my biggest fan, for putting up with my (mini)temper tantrums, for supporting me, making me laugh, and for always pushing me beyond my own expectations

*my education and entire college experience (thank you, Dad!)

*my ability to speak French (albeit at a third grade level, but still....)

*Grateful Dead, David Guetta, Deadmau5, & Jack Johnson - for excellent lyrics, countless hours of dance-inducing music, and always putting a smile on my face

*delicious smells like pine needles, fresh baked bread, fallen leaves, my hunny bunny, fresh picked strawberries, and a home cooked meal

*all of the experiences (both good and bad) that have shaped me into the person I am today

*the ability to run 6.5 miles

*my boyfriend for pushing me to run 6.5 miles, even when I thought I couldn't

*the ability to read & write & be creative

*mashed potatoes

*good hair days, whenever they decide to bestow themselves upon us

*this clip because my boyfriend sings it to me when I begin to obsess over shoes, and makes me realize how ridiculous I'm being

*indoor plumbing - seriously, do you realize how drastically less comfortable life would be without it?  Hello,  chamber pot anyone?  No thanks.

*The Big Lebowski, Amelie, Fight Club, Run Lola Run, A Christmas Story, The Matrix, & Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

*swinging in a hammock on a warm summer evening, gazing at the stars, or sitting around the fire pit, roasting marshmallows and making s'mores on a chilly autumn night

*all of my readers - you truly make my day!

I have about a billion more things that I'm thankful for; these are just a drop in the bucket.
How about you?  What don't you take for granted?

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