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Friday, November 11, 2011

Cloudy with a Chance of Inadvertently Comedic Situations

{top & tank: forever21  //  jeans: gap  //  cowboy booties: old navy  //  bracelets & watch: f21, diy, roxy  //  sunnies: express}

First, I would just like to start off with saying Screw You, Daylight Savings!!  
Sure it's nice for the sun to be up as I wake, but really, I'd rather get up in darkness every day of the year than have to take my own outfit photos for three months.
Here in NJ, when we turn our clocks back, suddenly the sun begins setting at 4:45.  My hunny bunny can't get home to take my photos until 5, which leaves me no choice but to drag a (friend's) tripod to the park and run back and forth, setting the timer and posing in 10 second increments.  I imagine the whole ordeal would make a fine comedic skit if only someone would film me and play it back in fast motion.  (Cue Benny Hill music here).
Eh, at least it's warm enough to be wearing short sleeves.

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