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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


{sweater: target  //  skirt & knee highs: asos  //  scarf: h&m  //  boots: payless  //  earrings: claire's}

So, we had another scorcher yesterday.  And by scorcher, I mean it was 63 degrees and warm and got me working up a sweat just strolling around town in this outfit.
But I'm not complaining because:
My hunny bunny had the day off and we went to a sweet little town where we walked, window shopped, talked, and laughed, then stopped for dinner at a delicious vegan restaurant.
He even patiently waited for me as I scoured all of the sale racks at Urban Outfitters, then plopped down on the couch near the dressing room to give me his opinion on everything I tried on before buying me some pretty new things (on extra-wonderful-super-sale of course).
Isn't he the greatest?

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