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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Living it Up Caveman Style

Hey all - just popping in for a quick hello to let you know that even though we lost power, hot water, heat, and the ability to cook a warm meal, we're still surviving - sitting around the fire pit in the yard,  caveman style.  Luckily some of our friends have power, so we stopped by to mooch some electricity, internet, and coffee.  

By the time you read this hunny bunny and I may or may not be on our scheduled vacation in Las Vegas.  Our original flight was on Tuesday, but Sandy wasn't down with that.  So now we're scheduled for Wednesday, but since you're reading this Thursday your guess as to where we wound up is as good as mine.

While we wait to see if we'll get power and/or the hell out of dodge, let's lighten the mood with some pre-scheduled posts - I've got some friends lined up to show you their favorite fall pieces.

Anyway, I hope you're all safe!  And if you're near Lincoln Park, feel free to come eat whatever you want from my fridge.  See you in a week!

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