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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Rachel's Rainbow Legs

Hello darling Bitty and Bunny readers,  I hope you are having a super lovely week so far. I'm Rachel from Rachel The Hat, it's lovely to meet you!

The lucky Kym is on holiday enjoying herself, and much deserved too. So whilst she's away she's given a couple of us fellow bloggers a little theme to run with:

Our Favourite Fall Item
The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of autumn and winter is tights. That may seem a little weird, most people probably think of cosy knits and scarves and coats but for me, it's tights. I mean I really love tights!  I feel naked without them, and as much as I like warmer bare naked legged summers, I have to admit I am more in love with dressing for Fall.
Tights for me are so practical, they make remixing my rather large collection of dresses so fun!  Here's a peek in to some I've been wearing of late:

 Great with other jewel colours

Fairly normal, run of the mill, basic but very handy

Some may say tan overload I say, orange you glad you've seen these tights (hardy haha)

I have many a plan for purple tights, they go so well with many a colour

black can be another normal easy peasy colour, but I like to jazz it up a bit with these  bad boys!

or as my family call it Smurf. This day I was known as Smurf legs

This rust shade is soo re-mixable, its the kind of colour that goes with blacks, browns and navys!

My favourite, although i like to call it WINE, sounds classier right?!

Last but by no means least, another current favourite, that jaundice look is so in right now....i joke!

So are you a coloured tights fan? I am looking to add some pinks and reds to my collection and then i think my rainbow is complete. I know some people are wary of trying colours on their legs, but i say go for it! A great way to ease yourself in to colour is to try a pair with knee high boots, add a knee length skirt/dress and that way you will just get a glimpse of great colour when you move. 
If you would like to see more colours of the rainbow worn on my legs then by all means come on over and say hey! I'm  Rachel The Hat and it's been lovely chatting with you (in a one sided kinda way)

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