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Friday, March 7, 2014


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That title, by the way, is supposed to read mind like Mindy, not mind like Do you mind?. So when I tell you that my outfit was inspired by an episode of The Mindy Project, it make a little more sense.
Thanks to getting rid of cable and being a slacker watching shows on Hulu, I didn't even realize how long ago this episode aired until I saw that my buddy, Sharon, recreated this outfit, too.  (Funnily enough, I came across her post while Googling this photo of Mindy). But I just watched it, so it's new to me.

As soon as I saw this, I fell in love.  And as I filed the idea away (literally - I keep an excel file of outfit ideas because I'm super cool like that), I began to realize that I actually have all of the pieces I need to recreate this look.  So I grabbed an old black & blue striped shirt that I came thisclose to getting rid of when cleaning out my closet last week (see?  Hoarding is a good thing), then grabbed an even older grey hoodie and topped it with a vest.   I wanted to add my one and only sparkly statement necklace as seen here, but just could not find it anywhere.  Incidentally, my favorite lipstick - a 69¢ tube of Wet n Wild - has also gone missing.  I searched for both for a good half hour, and came up empty handed, then had to find acceptable substitutes.  And this is why I am perpetually late showing up to my friends' houses. (Sorry Mike & Tunde!)

denim vest: DIY from old jacket | similar 1, 2
hoodie: similar
jeans: exact
shoes: c/o Chicwish | similar (on sale)
necklace: c/o Sheinside | similar 1, 2

jacket: exact | similar
top: exact (via ebay) | similar

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  1. Oh hey I am wearing her shirt in one if my looks today! I love seeing celebs in my stuff! Haha! Your interpretation is awesome though too! Perfect transitional outfit!
    Visiting from Sunday style!


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