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Monday, March 10, 2014

Shoes. Oh My God. Shoes.

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Whenever I open up my browser to go virtual shoe shopping, there are two things always happen.  First, I can't help but picture (and hear) Kelly.  She will forever be my imaginary shoe shopping buddy because she is completely awesome, even if she does have questionable taste in footwear.  And second, I then flit around from website to website, browsing the selections and filling my cart so that even if I navigate away from the shop, my cookies will remember what I wanted to buy.  Recently I've found myself visiting DressVenus over and over again, adding more pairs to my cart to patiently await my purchase.  Here what's currently in there waiting for me as we speak.

(I think Kelly would agree, these shoes rule)

I'm really feeling this new style of heel with the super flattering right-angle vamp.

Even though it's hard to imagine it ever actually being warm again, I'm eyeing these for summer.

...and these ones are just so fun (when worn with a neutral or understated outfit, of course)

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