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Tuesday, December 23, 2014


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  1. H&M Poncho $29.95 Is there anything cozier?
  2. Pom Pom Throw Blanket ....Ok, maybe this blanket is.  But only marginally.
  3. Godiva Hot Cocoa $9.99
  4. Bestey Johnson Gem Beanie $28
  5. Starbucks Gift Card - I mean, who wouldn't love a free latte or 10?
  6. Old Factory Candle set $25 These unique candle sets come in all kinds of fun themes.  Like Man Cave, for instance. Or High as a Kite.  Or 50 Shades (featuring leather) if that's more your speed.
  7. Heart Quilted Faux Leather Gloves $12.90
  8. Crazy Cat Lady Mug $12  Because we all know at least one.

And now I have a gift for you - a giveaway!  Here's your chance to score an Old Factory candle gift set of your own, in the theme of your choice. Sorry, but this one is only open to my U.S.-based buddies with an Amazon account; Old Factory can't ship outside of the country at this time.  

I got a chance to sample these candles, and I have to tell you that they pack a punch! They're on the small size - just 2oz. each, but you'd never know it when burning them. The scent isn't overpowering, though; it's just enough to scent a small room really nicely. I chose the Man Cave set because it was just so different and unique: straight razor, leather, and mahogany were included. They smell really good (and not overly manly) separately, but burned simultaneously is where the magic really happens.  

They're made in the U.S. with soy wax and a self-trimming wick. Plus, the cute packaging: They come in simple glass jars with brown paper labels and black lids, then the whole thing is wrapped up in a nice cardboard box with a rustic-chic feel.  But really, they had me at brown craft paper.

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