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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Las Vegas Suitcase

Las Vegas Suitcase
This is what's in my suitcase, more or less.  

For this vacation I was determined to get away with only a carry on, something that I would have scoffed at and called impossible for a 7 day vacation mere months ago.  
It wasn't as easy as packing normally is, but then again, I normally just pull pretty things out of the closet and throw them into the suitcase without much thought as to whether I'll actually be able to create stylish outfits with them (I usually can't, and I usually exceed the airline's luggage weight limit, too).
This time I spent a little longer in the planning phase, complete with an excel spreadsheet mapping out all of the remixing possibilities.  (I'm a nerd).
But I think it paid off.
I may not look terribly flashy or colorful, but I will look put-together.  Besides, I'm in Vegas, baby!  It has enough sparkle for the both of us.

p.s. - this is a pre-scheduled post because I will be away until Sunday.  I'll answer comments when I get back!

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