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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Something Borrowed, Something Blue

{blazer & leggings: target  //  button up: old navy  //  tee: borrowed from the boyfriend  //  boots: payless  // necklace: diy using this tutorial}

Lately it's been rainy every time we go to the movies each week.  On the one hand, it's nice to know we're not missing out on a beautiful day by sitting in a dark room for 2 hours, but on the other hand...rain every week for the last month?  Really?

This week we saw Moneyball.  Not even the presence of Brad Pitt in nearly every scene was enough to keep my interest.  My butt fell asleep once, and my legs fell asleep twice.  The movie was so boring not even my body parts could stay awake.  At least I was dressed comfortably.
Surprisingly, my boyfriend really enjoyed it.
The funny part is that I love to watch baseball and he can't stand it.  So...go figure.

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