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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Always Be Prepared

{sweater, tights: old navy  //  shorts: h&m  //  scarf: target  //  boots: payless  //  watch: sprout}

This is another vacation remix outfit.  I just realized it's very similar to this one, except I wore a different sweater and added a scarf because apparently Las Vegas gets quite chilly this time of year.  We strolled through the garden at the Flamingo Casino and stopped by this pretty waterfall for some photos.
As we continued to walk through the garden, we came upon a gorgeous outdoor wedding area.  I made a mental note that if hunny bunny and I wound up making a drunken impulse decision to tie the knot in Vegas, this would be the perfect place to make that mistake.  I figured if we woke up the next morning wondering what in the world we'd done, at least we'd have some beautiful pictures of a semi-classy place to help us fill in the gaps.
In my opinion, the only thing worse than not remembering your wedding would probably be to have pictures of Elvis officiating it.

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  1. What a cool spot for pictures :) And I like the shorts and tights combo!
    xo Jac


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