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Friday, September 28, 2012

Funny Business

{old navy chambray (similar)  |  gap tank  |  target skirt (similar)  |  sandals  |  f21 backpack  |  gifted necklace}

A funny thing happened while I was on vacation - summer ended and fall arrived.  Normally, this wouldn't be so strange, but it always seems to happen while I'm away.  Yes, you could say that it's because I usually wind up taking vacation in August or September, but the real coincidence is that the change happens during the very week or two that I'm gone.  Before I leave it's warm days, sun dresses, and balmy nights, and without a doubt by the time I get home I'm usually bundled in a hoodie, considering turning on the heat.  The quick change from warm to cool always catches me by surprise, and yesterday I still found myself reaching for shorts only to realize that it's fall and I'm no Polar Bear Club enthusiast.  But I'm still not sure what to wear.  So what do I do?  I copy.  When my friend Rachel wore this a few weeks ago, I loved it so much I told her that I'd steal the idea.  Well, now I'm making good on that threat.  Which just goes to show - you can always count on me to keep a promise.  Especially if it's a promise to rip off your excellent outfit ideas.

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