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Friday, September 14, 2012

Meet Rachel

Hello lovely readers of bitty.and.bunny. How are you doing today? All good I hope?

Well, the super amazing Kym has asked if I would do a guest post for her whilst she's off gallivanting, and of course I jumped at the chance; I mean bitty.and.bunny readers must be super cool just like the lady herself!

I'm Rachel by the way, Kym's British Blogging Buddy, and I blog over at Rachel The Hat where I generally ramble on and play dress up 3 times a week ;)

So the theme Set is; Show me what you'd wear on a road trip.

We often do a 4 hour trip to hubby's parents house in London so I feel well equipped for this assignment.  So without further a do here's my outfit!

Shirt, Skirt and top underneath: Next
Shoes: Old
Bag: Old
Belt: Vintage (used to hubbys when he was a rocker at 18!haha!)

Now for the logic :

To me any road-trip requires a large amount of comfort. I do however still like to try and look half decent (unless I'm traveling at some ungodly hour, where in those events it's jammies all the way).

To me Maxi skirts are super comfy, they're like freedom for your legs whilst not being in the nudie!

Shoes; Have to be comfy and slip ons so I can take off and put on easily once in the car.

Chambray shirt; for when the air con's on a little high or when the temperature drops.

BIG bag; I'm a Mum so I carry a huge amount of crap around with me on a daily basis; on any given road trip you can add an extra ton of crap and that would be about right. So big bags are a must.

Sunglasses; That's a given right? I have sunnies in my car even in winter. Squinting equals wrinkles. No thank you Ma'am!

Funky top; for if I want to take the chambray off and look a bit smart, you know if we're stopping en route for lunch.

Add a sweep of red lippy and I am good to go. Red lipstick makes everything better in my eyes.

Now when I pack I tend to pack a leettlle too much; it's a problem I'm working on.  But I figured, if I can wear a lot of things then it means I can pack less (or more as it seems to be!) Each of the pieces  I pick for my road trips are things that will work with all other things I've packed. The top can be remixed with shorts/jeans. The skirt can have a different top, the shoes go with everything and we all know you can pretty much stick a chambray shirt with anything!

Genius I tell you.

So there you have it folks, my road-trippin' outfit!

Hope you like it!

I'm off to go and dream about holidays and make a mental made up list of what I'd pack to go to my dream destination. A girl can dream right?

Take it steady ladies


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  1. You look gorgeous Rachel. Like you, I go for maxi dresses or maxi skirts on long journeys. Or sometimes my denim dress, leggings and uggs. Comfy! My Dad has a 'traveling' top, a velour number from the 70s. It comes out for all long journeys. Mum always make fun of him, asks why hes wearing "that tatty old thing" but I suppose its comfy! I think its quite impressive he can still fit into a top 40 years later. Anyway, retro is cool, so dad just looks like a hipster ;) xx


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