bitty.and.bunny: Vacation Part 2

Friday, September 21, 2012

Vacation Part 2

Since our drive from NJ to the very tip of SC takes 14 hours, we decided to break it up a bit with a stop in Washington, DC.  We drove there in the morning, spent the day, then drove for a few more hours before stopping at a hotel for the night.  On the way back we did the same thing, and it worked like a charm.  Not only did we get to extend our vacation a little bit by playing in DC for 2 days, but what would have felt like forever sitting in a car actually felt like the shortest road trip I've ever taken!  I'm still shocked when I realize that we spent a total of 28 hours just sitting on our butts, belting out tunes at the top of our lungs (ok, well maybe that was just me), and busting out some legitimately embarrassing car-dancing moves that we'd never be brave enough to do in public.

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