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Monday, October 29, 2012

Oh, Northeast, your weather be crazy

{target jeans & cardi (similar)  |  ON chambray  |  hand me down vest  |  gramma's vintage kercheif  |  payless shoes (similar)  |  sprout watch}

It's tough to concentrate on writing about my outfit when I'm right in the blustery belly of a Frankenstorm.  Normally I wouldn't be stressed out by some totally random, completely out of the ordinary, unseasonably strange, autumn hurricane in NJ, but this year I'm actually scheduled to go on vacation during it.  So between gathering gallons of emergency water, stocking the house with bagels and canned soup, and listening to the walls shake with the wind, we're also packing and preparing for our flight while simultaneously staying glued to both the weather channel and Delta's website,  hoping that the storm will have passed by the time our (surprisingly still on-time) flight is scheduled to fly tomorrow afternoon.

...And I thought last year's Halloween was bad...

(Just a little p.s. - I obviously didn't wear this today because it's way too dangerous to go outside.  Luckily I got dressed a few days ago which is more than I can say for today.  If you're also in the hurricane's path, I strongly urge you to stay inside as well.  Ok, public service announcement officially over.)

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  1. Love your outfit. I'm warm and dry where I live but am watching Sandy's treacherous path on the news. I hope all of you are okay!


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