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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Oh So Very

Handbag Styles for 2012
Handbags are the one accessory that women can't resist, regardless of whether you opt for a stylish staple, an over the shoulder messenger, an embellished clutch, or an over sized shopper.

With every new season comes a wide range of new styles, which sometimes makes it difficult not to go overboard – so what are this season’s styles to look out for?


A bag is seen as an important possession for many women, and a fair number of fashionistas tend to carry their entire life around using such an accessory. When choosing a new piece of arm candy, it is important to consider a few factors. Ask yourself where you will be using the handbag in question, what will you be wearing with it and, most importantly, what possessions you will be placing in the bag.

A clutch may not be top of your priority list if you intend to carry around the likes of phones, purses, make-up and a flat pair of pumps. You risk a bulging, over-stuffed clutch and an unhappy owner!  On the other hand, a larger handbag could offer the perfect balance of practicality and style.

The same goes for those that wish to carry only a few personal items around with them. Such items will appear lost in an oversized tote. Although this style is seen as the ideal handbag for many occasions, it may appear a little dominant when worn with a cocktail dress.

Three Essentials

In general, most women own at least three bag styles; an oversized everyday bag, a weekend traveler and an evening clutch. If you are able to get your fashionable fingers on these three styles you will find that you have something for every occasion.

A key point to consider when choosing a new bag is whether you intend to match your style to the bag or alternatively style the handbag to your look. Those that prefer the latter option will do well to invest in a classic, timeless piece as opposed to something over-the-top and garishly bright. 

Certain handbags are seasonal, whilst others are timeless. Those wishing to make an investment should think about choosing a classic shade and style, such as a black shoulder bag, for a stylish look that won’t go out of date.

This post sponsored & written by Very. Some modifications have been made to reflect my personal ethics and opinions.

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