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Friday, October 19, 2012

Thoughts From a Soon-to-be Crazy Dog Lady

Things have gotten quite busy in my neck of the woods today, but the last thing I want to do is leave you without some form of entertainment for the day.  Enter an adorable animal video.  As my brother not-so-gently, and pretty aptly pointed out, when I talk about videos like this, I am well on my way to becoming a crazy dog lady.  And as I would imagine every crazy dog lady would respond to the allegation, I don't think I really care.  Even though this will surely prove my brother right, I suppose posting adorable animal videos to my blog is only the next logical step in my progression towards the inevitable.

If you're still left wanting more -as if you could be after that little gem, which I'm ashamed to admit I've watched more times than I can remember- check out my newest sponsor, My Thrifty Chic.  Unlike me, she didn't cop out with a lame, albeit hilarious, youtube video today.

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