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Friday, October 12, 2012


{target flannel & tee (similar)  |  ON jeggings  |  kamik boots  |  sprout watch  |  similar necklace}

I almost didn't show you guys this outfit.  I just threw it on (when it was still raining) to go to the library, the post office, and then to help my dad out in his chilly basement office for the majority of the day.  But when hunny bunny picked me up on his way home, he said "Oh, you want to take pictures today."  I didn't need much more prompting than that.  As I've progressed in my blog, so has hunny bunny's acute awareness of my style.  It's sort of amazing - for a guy who dresses like a cartoon character (seriously, he wears variations of the same outfit every day), I'm pretty impressed that he has become so attuned to my style, and what looks good on me.  He can now tell me - with accuracy - if something I wear looks unflattering, silly, or just plain strange.  So when he thought I looked blog-worthy, I had to take his word for it.  And besides, how could I pass up getting to take photos during "golden hour"?  This is the kind of perfect, soft, glowing light that girls everywhere strive to be seen in at all times, and I am no exception.

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  1. Super cute fit! Love your rain boots! And that plaid top is seriously gorgeous


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