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Wednesday, October 10, 2012


{thrifted UO sweater (similar)  |  target jeans  |  payless shoes (now 50% off!)  |  f21 necklace}

I'm just popping in for a quick post before I head out for errands and other assorted bits of excitement.  I wore this outfit last week, back when it was still balmy and I could pretend that winter wasn't just around the corner.  This week has found me in rain gear nearly every day, with temperatures dropping down as low as the 40s.  Not quite arctic temps yet, but I can tell it's a chilly premonition of things to come.  Imagine that, me, a weather-clairvoyant.  For my next divination I predict that we'll encounter spring after winter.  I'm 99.999% sure.  You can quote me on that.

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  1. I love this slouchy look! No way you got those shoes at payless! I'm sorry it's been rainy there. Sounds gloomy.



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