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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Deep Thoughts About Deep Frying

p.s. - There'll be another one going up tomorrow.  Be sure to check back for it soon!

{marshall's dress (similar) | joyce leslie cardi | payless tights (similar) & shoes (cute option) | gifted watch | kohls necklace}

As I type this I'm sitting in my workout clothes trying to muster up the willpower to exercise, while simultaneously watching a show about deep fried everything.  All it's really doing is giving me a craving for deep fried butter...till I look at these photos and remember how much these already size large tights squeeze without the help of a blob of fat-fried fat.  And so I remind myself that I love my wardrobe too much to jeopardize it by outgrowing it due to my lack of motivation and love of lard.  TV off, workout on.



  1. You look darling! I love the color of those tights and the texture of your cardi and dress. Haha you sound like me trying to workout. I just started back up and sometimes its so hard to find the motivation. I procrastinate it so bad...

  2. I also have a love affair with the deep fried variety. also with making any and every Paula Dean recipe. loving this outfit, so sweet
    xo jac


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