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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Walking Advertisement

{target skirt (so similar!), sweater (similar), blazer, & scarf | ON tights | aldo boots (on sale!)}

I just realized that about 70% of my outfit is from Target.  I'm so branded up, I almost feel as conspicuous as a Nascar driver with sponsor logos emblazoned all over his uniform...but at least this is a little more subtle than walking around with a giant bullseye on my back....or chest and forearms, as the case may be.

Join the party.


  1. This is too freaking cute! I want to go home and recreate it right now! I love the skirt, the stripes, the scarf... I'm s target addict. I just found out about their new knee length belted skirts and they were all out of everything but black in my size! So I snatched up the black and I think I'll buy a few more online! Lol they're just perfection

  2. Um......I love this! You look great and the color combo is so fun!


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