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Friday, January 11, 2013

Happy Little Dots

{gap sweater (similar) & jeans (similar) | f21 button up (similar), rings, & necklace (lookalike)}

Well, it looks like I've begun unconsciously matching my outfits to the weather.  That's great when it's sunny and bright outside, but can look a little depressing when it's cold and grey.  I don't want to look cold and grey...or depressed.  At least my small dose of gold polka dots make up for it.  It's tough to look blue while wearing grey if I've got happy little dots peeking out from underneath.  Remember that.  They are words to live by, kids.

Come join me here.

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  1. Yes, how can you be sad with gold polka dots?! And that sweater looks so amazing and cozy! I know what you mean about dressing gloomy with the weather. All I want to wear lately is leggings and sweats and oversized sweaters!


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