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Friday, January 4, 2013

Of Sunshine & Smiles

{target cardi (similar) | joyce leslie top (old) | gap jeans (so similar) | old navy booties (crazy similar) | handmade hat (cute option)}

There's always something about a bright, sunshiny day that makes my heart smile.  No matter if it's 80 degrees or 5 below.  Luckily this day hovered around a sunny 35, which if you're native to any colder climate you'll know is actually possible to survive without a coat in for short periods of time so long as the sun is shining, most skin is covered, and there is absolutely, positively not even the slightest hint of movement in the air.  A few fantasies of sun-drenched beaches and pina colodas usually don't hurt, either.

Find me over here today.


  1. You look great and I love this red sweater!

  2. Oh. My. Gosh. Where is your cowl, Kym?! :) jk
    I love the bright red jacket and grey - you look lovely.
    And as a Southern girl - 35 degrees is never survivable without at least six layers, hat, gloves, scarf, furry boots and a gigantic coat. :) In fact if it is 35 degrees I would rather not go outside at all. :) I am such a wuss.

  3. I'm fantasizing right along with you!! It was 0 degrees when I rolled out of bed this morning!! That's just sick and wrong. I love the wide leg pants! I have some I need to pull out.. And your sweater looks comfy and perfect:)
    P.S. Just read your reply to my last comment. You're too sweet! You're definitely one of my favorites too!!


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