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Monday, January 14, 2013

Blathering Blogger in Black & Blue

{target jacket | pacsun dress (similar) | payless booties (similar)}

I was looking through some old photos and came across these ones that I forgot to post back in October.  (#shamefuloversight)  Notice the lush, colorful foliage in the background and the lack of utter frozenness on my face...neither of which I can say have been present in any of my photos of late.  These pictures just scream slightly warmer weather.  Which is actually quite fitting, since today (mercifully) feels like a lovely, crisp autumn day.  But you know, the scary kind where you know that winter and its bitingly bitter, bleak, brisk days of brutality are just around the bend.  Apparently these are the very same days that make alliteration irresistible, too.

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  1. that blue looks really good on you! And I love those booties, sometimes you can find some cute stuff at payless. And oh these photos look so warm(ish) and inviting! Lets go back to fall, or rather skip forward to spring!


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